Wednesday, July 25, 2012

This is just nuts

This bookstore is in the hood and was our target for an after lunch visit. It is huge with 4 floors, no a/c and just stairs. This was definitely sweat city yesterday. I did find 2 books, one of the Presidents favorite meals in the White House-a coffee table book-Tricky Dickie was the Prez at time it was written. I was overwhelmed with the books, there are 2 carts outside the entrance with free books. Unbelievable.

Punkin Head and I started out with lunch at Roma Cafe in Eastern Market which was nice. His choice and it is fun; the waiters still wear full black suits and ties and only men serve. Then we went to the bookstore driving through Detroit. The traffic was very sparse.


This picture would be much better with a fancy camera, but that is not in my near future due to circumstances out of my control-more on that below. The is American Coney Island and it's next door neighbor Lafayette Coney Island. World famous landmarks here in the Motor City.

When we got home PH proceeded to look at my computer as I was bitching mightily over this Chinese cobbled piece of shit. He did a lot of fixing and what not and today it seems to work okay except I could not do the NYT crossword as per my usual routine. Thankfully I remembered I had Firefox and was able to do the puzzle there. Don't know what happened but as long as I have the puzzles I am okay.

Then out of the blue I get a phone call on my land line. This is not a usual occurrence. My cell phone carrier, Sprint, was calling to ask if I had noticed that my cell phone had been turned off. July 3 to be precise. My life is the opposite of what it used to be when I used up 2 phones and 3 batteries a day. I only carry the cheap piece of shit cell phone for safety. But really, it took 22 days for them to tell me my mobile was hacked. Big Daddy's was shut off too. The hackers guessed my answer to the trick question and started calling Cuba. WTF. Though I gotta admit I did pick the easiest question so I could remember it. Now I have to go to the hell hole phone store and get it turned back on and find a new phone as long as the dregs of society and I are hanging out together. I did tell the really nice fraud lady that the store was managed by the devil dogs from hell and I inquired if they had put a container of Xanax at the door yet. She chuckled and said no. Obviously she has never visited the actual stores. The next closest store is an hour away next to a mall/shopping area that requires much more than a Xanax to even think about visiting a phone store there. Oh, the reason I need to visit the store is I must show photo ID to get the phone turned back on. Fie on you Sprint.

It also appears I may need a new ice maker. So new ice maker, new phone, new computer, new furnace, the camera may have to wait.

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  1. If you ever get to the other side of the state, there are great used bookstores in South Haven and Three Rivers! As for the phones and all other things new, that's a bummer.