Thursday, July 12, 2012

What is left of the garden

These are the purple cone flowers by the side door. There is a bee on one flower. I really think I need a new camera for better pictures. These pictures get the point across, but that is about the extent of it.

When I first planted the garden and the front beds my goal was year round color and form and bird friendliness. Well this was before I knew about squirrels and cow birds. The cone flowers are native to Michigan and have proven great in this spot. The ones in back died, phooey.

This is my Rose of Sharon blooming early this year, usually nothing until late July early August. This was planted just because I liked it. That and my peonies and poppies, just for fun. They survived but I was in no mood for them this year.

Big Daddy is going for his Global Entry interview this afternoon. If he is accepted into the program he gets to bypass the immigration and customs line and go first. This is because he has a background check and fingerprints and probably an anus scan. It is included in the AMEX card we have and when you spend much of your life outside of the country I guess it makes sense. Yep, he is leaving again soon.


  1. Good luck, BD!

    Ack, Rose of Sharon. It's regarded as an invasive plant around here. When I moved into my house, there were three on the side of my house. They spread everywhere. I found them growing in the front yard, here, there, everywhere, and finally had them dug up.

    Although they can be pretty if you have an army of gardeners. I saw a display of them at Longwood Gardens. The trees had been severely pruned but the net effect was gorgeous.

  2. Yep, severely pruned is the way to go, years of pruning so it pretends to be a tree and not a bush. I think some are more invasive than others, mine is not.