Friday, July 6, 2012

Random bitching and moaning, plus Fie on the New York Times

There are only 2 kinds of taxis here, the immaculate taxi from the airport (contract with the airport) and the wacko cabs. Saw my first wacko today and  something did not look right. It was not the skanky bottle blond driver smoking in the cab, looking, looking, ah yes, the spotlight by the drivers A-pillar-it was a reconditioned police car. The trunk badging still had the "Police Interceptor" plain as day. Yea right, the cops  baby those cars.

I have a few blogs that I check every day from my favorites feature. I never followed them because I could not figure it out, or there was no option for that. I mostly read them for awhile to see if I like them. This one blogger has been posting odd comments for last month or so about quitting blogging in the next few months or so. Then she puts out this post about how she gets over 1500 hits for every post but no one follows her. Huh? And hers is one of those that are difficult to follow, meaning it takes more than 4 keystrokes. WTF.

I went to the doctor and I am officially back in hate with him. Can't discuss it right now but not a happy camper. And to put a cherry on that sundae he told me Dr. Oz did not know everything. I had made a little joke about taking a vitamin and he acted like I was shooting heroin. May need to re-think this when I calm down, I do have Blue Cross PPO now so I do have some flexibility.

Pisser of the month, The New York Times will no longer include the puzzle on line. If you are a subscriber to the on-line edition, you must purchase the puzzle separately. Is there nothing holy in this world that a person cannot get the NYT crossword in the NYT newspaper on-line. And the biggest and shittiest part of this debacle-all the damn liberal Al Gore suck ups that this paper is written for are not bitching about the carbon footprint that if I get the actual paper newspaper, the puzzle is free. I hate liberal two-faced whore dogs, it is either wrong to encourage the waste of the paper-paper or it is wrong to charge people extra to be green. OR it is cowardly to not admit that the puzzle is more popular than the damn paper.

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