Thursday, July 19, 2012

I've Got a Secret

And I cannot talk about it yet and I am just dancing and doing the pee pee dance.

Just finished a few books and I must say James Patterson has passed the line from fun read on an airplane to crap whore. "Guilty Wives" was the stupidest piece of shit I have ever tried to read. Hope Big Daddy likes it on the plane because I did not. Also finished his latest Michael Bennet tome and it was okay, just the oddest ending ever. I am thinking Patterson may be going to the paperback list.

My new bathroom book is "Gypped" by Carole Higgens Clark. Perfect for keeping me from wondering if this will be the time to call the ambulance.

Just started "Yes, Chef" by Marcus Samuelsson and I must say this is a great read. He is a black man, Ethiopian, and a great chef adopted by a Swedish family when he was 3. Just in the beginning but enjoying it immensely.

Still can't find movies so that still sucks. I guess under the circumstances I should be grateful the Bachelor Pad starts Monday so I can see people not even good enough to be on the D List cavorting and having pretend sex on ABC on prime time. I might need meds for that one.


  1. Whenever an author starts taking on a partner, you know he's past it. He's just keeping the franchise alive. I've never been a Patterson fan myself, but it didn't surprise me when I saw that he had a special guest/ghost writer.

    Have you tried:
    - Faye Kellerman
    - Jonathan Kellerman
    - Janet Evanovitch
    - Diana Gabaldon (historic novels but with an extra special spice named Jamie)
    - Lawrence Sanders (I think) "Archy" books. V good if you like P G Wodehouse - in Palm Beach.

    As for movies:
    If you don't like Bollywood, you can forgo these, but I think these translate nicely to western sensibilities:
    - Guzaarish
    - Slumdog Millionaire (of course)
    - Lagaan
    - Monsoon Wedding
    - Marigold

    "Lagaan" is the only one where people burst into song and dance at any random moment.

    Right now, I'm trying to find some good documentaries. I don't have a way of seeing "regular" tv at all and I think that's best for all concerned.

    1. Love the first 3 authors, they are behind in their writing, will check out the others.

      It is the venue-no movies at all available, something is just wrong with my hookups.