Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I am having a no fun day

Went to bed last night to the pop pop pop of the fireworks. This is now a nightly event and Sammy is still not fond of the noises. He sits in the bed watching the window. He can't see out the window but he waits and watches.

Around 1 AM my GI tract made a decision, this would be a night from hell. Every time I got out of bed Sammy would get out of bed. When I got back into bed I felt like shit and was freezing so I did not worry about where Sammy was. He showed back up a few minutes later without fail, all night long.

When we got up and asked Big Daddy to cancel the furnace people the weather decided to have huge thunderstorms. Sammy does not like those either. He sits under  my feet or he follows me back and forth to the bathroom. He does not bark or whine, he just looks really concerned.

Well, Big Daddy was home for 1 and 1/2 days when they told him no more travel for a couple months. So, of course within the hour he told me he has to go to China the 21st, and stay for the week. I know I will have to schedule a colonoscopy after I see the doc on Thursday and he will need to be home for that, gotta have a driver.

Wow, just heard Andy Griffith has died. That is sad, loved that show.


  1. Oh man. My sympathies.

    Sammy might be helped by a "thunder coat". I've seen them at Petco and they seem to work like swaddling works for babies.

    As for the colonoscopy, I had my first and only one seven years ago, back when I still had connections that would drive me and wait for me. I'm in the same boat only I don't have BD. I suppose if I ever put myself through that hell again, I'll take a cab there and back.

  2. Hope U R better. I had an eXtremely good July 2nd until the end of the day.

  3. Becs, This is the only time I miss the damn taxi's, very hard to find here and they all look super scary.

    Esby, sorry to hear that. Send me an email if you need to talk.

    1. Ok, I 'll get busy writing right now ....