Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday flippancy

I think Sammy is settled in and comfortable here at the old homestead. He is protective of the home and contents when he is awake and in a caring frame of mind. See the smirk.

Big Daddy passed his anal testing and should get his GE card in the mail. They told him something I have been bitching about forever. Do not bring any food into this country that is not written on the form and just don't bring it anyway-especially nuts. I don't know what the Planter's guy, aka Mr. Peanut, did to piss these people off, but just don't do it. Because: 1 mistake and you lose your privileges forever. So no more hoarding your airline club crappy snacks.

It has been 3 months now on the no smoking thing and I think the fact that today is also Friday the 13th is a sign that this will be successful. Quit on Friday the 13th in April. At this point though the whole thing seems to hinge on being fat with a few bucks or skinny and poor. And since I was not that thin when I quit, well there ya go.

Good news, I ordered some more fat clothes and 1 pair of jeans was too big. I did not think that was possible.

Really unhappy over my doctor visit last week. This is my old doctor that went AWOL and now he is back at a new practice. First he just about called me a liar about the IBS situations. Then he got "touchy" about a joke I made about Dr. Oz and vitamin D, come on get over yourself. Then I got a call a few days ago about this prescription for an over the counter magnesium supplement that the pharmacy gave me. They said they had tried to call me numerous times. And did the pharmacy call me? I call bullshit on this one. If you can get me on the phone today there is no problem with my phone. Anyway the magnesium is because of my complaints of cramping in my hand and legs. Well I did the thing I hate and looked it up on the Internet, and guess what? It can be caused by chronic diarrhea. WTF.

So now I am one of those people that chart their body functions.


  1. Really great job and congrats on stopping smoking. I did it a while back; I know about it. You're super!

  2. I think I wiLL quit something too. I think it should be vacuuming. I have stopped Dr Pepper now, about a month ago. On ice water now mainly, with a cup of coffee, may be two, per day, and juice orange for breakfast. I think I go through about one 2 qt bottle of V-8 juice a week as weLL.

    1. Brewed Iced Tea is good for you as well, if you are near a Trader Joe's BD swears by the Garden Patch juice-says it is better and cheaper than V-8.