Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Plot thickens

Sammy and his bull penis, this is how he tells you it is time to go to bed. No I do not allow him to take that into the bed. But he tries every night.

Well, I took Sammy out to pee pee and poo poo or really to sit and stare and I heard this loud noise. It was the old guy from the corner snorting into his hanky. He was walking around the block. Without his nasty little unleashed mutt. That in itself is unusual, in 20 years I have never seen the man walk around the block. At this same time a Realtor was showing the house across the street, you know the vacant property that old corner guy hangs out at in the barely breaking of dawn. Guess what old guy does? He goes up the driveway and starts inspecting the detached garage. Then he goes inside the house. Later I see him inspecting the garage again and going back inside the house.

Is he thinking of buying the garage and not the house? Is there some reason he is so interested in the garage?

New Topic, Big Daddy is supposed to fly home on Friday. That would be directly before, during or after the  Tropical Storm exactly hits or just misses Shanghai. I am sure this will be exciting. As was exhibited in the Beijing swamping China is not big on drains and drainage. BD is about 2 hours outside of Shanghai with a private car and driver, van actually. Hoping for some great pics.


  1. I'm guessing he put the body under the garage.

    1. It just amazes me the strange things I see other people doing.