Monday, July 30, 2012

Not exactly Twilight Zone, but still

The oddest thing has been happening. Just about time to wake up I hear a knock knock like someone is knocking on the door. I started leaving the porch light on once in a while. This morning I heard it and it was barely daylight. Got up and went to look on the porch and what did my wondering eyes reveal, the old man on the corner using a shovel in the landscaping bed at the vacant house.

Now in just barely daylight before 6 in the morning what in the name of all that is holy is the old guy doing with a shovel on someone else's property? And he was there for a while. If it was all legit why not wait for daylight?

Just an odd side note-he was wearing an old guy tee shirt, like a wife beater, like he just got up and threw his pants on.

Now I doubt these 2 things are related, but 2 woo woo things at the same time make me creeped out.


  1. It's been my eXperience that it is best to hide bodies while it is dark. (hahahahahahaha)

    1. but would not you do that in back yard where only maybe one person can see you instead of all of us.

    2. It just depends on how busy I am and whether I have already used that space. I am sure that squirrels are equaLLy confused and indecisive about where they store their buried treasure.