Monday, July 2, 2012

We are in crisis mode here,

Big Daddy has no underpants. Well he has a couple pair but they are dirty. Someone came into his world and stole his underpants. It had to be a conspiracy as the underpants had to be stolen in different locations. And the last thieves had to steal the dirty underpants. Eeeew.

Did you ever notice that men don't like to call them underpants? They call them underwears, which make no sense, although it is plural. Or they call them undershorts which only applies if you are wearing shorts. Or they call them briefs and boxers-which is product specific. I would never be that specific about my underpants.

We also had to have a talk this morning about the fact that we are not hillbillies or red-necks. This means that   we do not go around barefoot. Especially outdoors. Even more importantly if we have really really really ugly feet. Big Daddy knows if I had seen those feet 35 years ago there may have been a change in plans on that fateful nuptial day.

So Big Daddy has to bite the bullet and run out to the store when his underpants finish drying and buy panties, and socks and slippers. Socks because that is our next conversation and slippers because he has finally run out of the hoarded Chinese free slippers.

Clothes wise BD is very low maintenance.


  1. The stories you have are ludicrously fine. My sympathy, however, to BD. It can take hand washed men's undies some time to dry.

    1. Oh, he is back home this week so he got to use the fancy electric washer and dryer.

  2. LOL @ Joanne!

    Low maintenance is good in a man. :-)