Wednesday, July 25, 2012

OK, I can tell the secret now

Punkin Head and The Lady are engaged. To be married. How fun.

We are happy for them and looking forward to seeing how this is going to work out-not the marriage, the wedding. So now The Lady is changing to the The Fiancee. I have promised Punkin Head to keep my mouth shut to The Fiancee, and to try and limit what I say to him also. You know I will have to Blog some about this but I need to be pleasant and sweet and never say anything nasty. Which is against my entire nature. And so far I can only invite 2 people.

And I will not wear beige.


  1. Congratulations! Not that you ever said much about her to begin with, but I'm sure she is beautiful and delightful and will fit in perfectly with your family.

    As long as she isn't one of those crazy women paying $6,000 for a wedding dress...

  2. I like your line, "I will not wear beige." - I wiLL try to work that into as many conversations as possible, even when it doesn't make alot of sense, and when asked why I said that, I wiLL reply, "Oh, that's just what people in Michigan say."

    1. It's a joke about mothers of the groom, keep your mouth shut, wear beige and bring the checkbook.