Monday, August 6, 2012

Another fish, I have more.

I cannot believe I got this pic on here and I doubt I can ever do this again. Windows 7 is not my friend. This pic was taken with my new phone. It is a free Motorola. I paid for the computer but not the phone. I had to take the fish pictures twice as the first time I did not click the right button and never took a photo. Paid under 400 for the computer and nothing for the phone with a 20 dollar reduction in my bill and more shit than I will ever use. I have unlimited WIFI and that kind of stuff and what would I use that for anyway. I am not going to sit on the train and look at a phone for 4 hours. Big Daddy is jealous, he says my free phone is better than his new Blackberry-company issued-and he is having fun playing on it.

We had a wonderful lunch at Roma Cafe and went shopping at Trader Joe's. Tomorrow the furnace people are coming for a check up and it is election day. Who to vote for?


  1. Ha. It will become enmeshed in your hand. You'll feel lost without it.