Saturday, August 18, 2012

We are in hiding

That is Sammy and I are in hiding. We are having the furnace estimates today and I am keeping Sammy in the guest room to make this all goes a bit quicker. He can't be shut away and remain quiet it freaks him out. I think this might go back to the idea that his former owner died. He has been laying on the bed and eyeballing me to make sure I don't leave.

So while I am stuck in here I suggested to Big Daddy it is time we cleaned the computer desk area. What a fucking nightmare. Punkin Head did not help out here, thanks for the beer caps. Big Daddy threw away electrical hook up shit from a decade. And we still have the desk to go through. One printer, one computer brain sans hard drive, and maybe one monitor is going to the curb. BD did finally admit he is a hoarder. He said if I died PH would have to hire a crew to come in. But PH is just as bad.

So far all the estimates are in the same ball park so we just need to pick which people seem the best.

I met my niece in Royal Oak yesterday for lunch. They cut her hair in the short lived Navy career and she got it amped up when she got home and it looks great. She is working to save up money to go back to school.

So far the Fiancee is the only one that notices and comments on my new hair. I think it is because she only knows me as a blond. I was a redhead for years and that is how people expect me look.


  1. I have been told that I was blonde as a smaLL child. I do not remember ever not being brown, though.

  2. I remember once when I was doing self color I Made it green. A nice emerald to be exact. I was 18 and did not care at the moment.