Friday, August 10, 2012

Important items to make sure everyone knows

Under no circumstances do I want people standing around looking at my dead body and discussing how I look. Do I look pretty good? Better than last week? Let us just assume I am going to look dead and commence with the cremation in a timely fashion.

Do not put my age on the funeral card. Nor my birth date as that is no longer relevant. There will be no more parties.

Put my obituary in the newspaper or the on-line news forum for where I am living and might know people. Do not use the funeral home website as an alternate way of dealing with this issue. And do not ask people to add photos to my death site.

Just take care of business and have a party, or at least a congenial gathering. I would rather have people happy than sad.


  1. The no nonsense approach. Like my mom's. Along with everything she didn't want was a notice in the paper. That was the one we didn't honor. So many people came to her funeral they had to open another room to accomodate all the people whose lives she touched. I think she would have been surprised.

  2. This is why I held my funeral party a couple of years ago. Seven people showed up. I guess I don't have to worry about putting a lot of money aside for the caterers. I think the real thing is probably going to be a lot more pathetic.

    And why do people what until someone's dead to visit or pay them homage? Go now or at least call them up, even send a greeting card (yeah, I think they still make those).

  3. When in Detroit you from?
    I was an east sider... Gratiot and south of 6 mile.