Tuesday, August 7, 2012

HVAC and me

Told ya I had more fish.

Well I think it is finally time that we move into the new century. It is 2012 and my furnace is original to a house built in 1954. The second furnace that died is of unknown origin but of a later date. I have a newer air conditioner-this century- and one from the 1960's and we don't even want to talk about the one built into the brick wall.

Flame Furnace came to visit today and sent old Joe. Joe has probably been doing this since furnaces were first invented. He said I have the oldest, most inefficient furnace on the planet. I think if I was a relative old Joe would have gone off on me. As it was he was trying to get his head around a really old furnace, a dead furnace, a somewhat newer air conditioner, one of the first air conditioners built and he did not even want to acknowledge the brick wall unit. We decided not to top off the tank on the air conditioners for the cold stuff until we talk to the furnace salesmen this weekend.

Joe seems to think that I will be able to pay off the new system(s) in the first utility bill. I think that is a slight exaggeration. A lot is going to depend on if I still need 2 of everything. Either way this will be the big expense this year. Now I gotta find out the best manufacturers, I only know toilets, Toto is the best.