Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thursday, the day before garbage day

We are feeling much better at the old homestead. Sammy recovered, then I got sick. Big Daddy has lucked out so far. The Fiancee is sick too. Punkin Head is up North communing with nature, up North being the UP, where he is camping and visiting with an old friend. So far he has survived the Bates Motel and random bears.

My goal today is to learn how to work this damn phone. I took some ridiculous photos last week to see if I could post a pic of my new hair without sharing a lot more information. I have seen other fashionista and style  gurus do this, it can't be that hard. Well, yes it is as I have no photos. Not bad photos, not unsuccessful photos, no photos. The only pics on that phone are the cement fish.

We should be making a decision tomorrow on the furnace and hopefully schedule installation for early September. Oddly enough, the company we dealt with for years and years will not be getting the job. I think it is a case of to big to care, they coast on their name and did not do the job.

Pearl, over at "Pearl why you little", inspired me today. She is not learning another language-but is picking up useful phrases. Muchas gracias Pearl and adios my peeps.


  1. I was in the UP last week--wish I was still there, Bates hotels and all even though I was backpacking or sleeping in the back of my truck.

    1. It is beautiful and unique up there.