Sunday, August 12, 2012

Why are 2 rich white guys a bad thing?

Rich people are bad, why? Every rich person I know has hired people, many people for many different jobs. People that worked in the shops, people that cleaned the house, people that put the indoor pool and bar in place. 

White people are bad, why? This one I don't get, does skin color make a person different?

Black rich people are good, why? Ditto to the above.

White rich women are okay, why? Double ditto. Plus Nancy Pelosi gives me a headache.

Why do we judge people on how much they give to charity on their taxes? I give more money that cannot be claimed than money that can be written off. Remember the boots of the fireman from 9/11, did you put in a buck in a boot or a wad in a few boots? However, I do think Obama and Biden should explain their the donations, or not claim any as they are so small. If you do not believe in shouting out your giving, don't claim it on your taxes.

Why do some people get a pass? That is the way it is.

Why do we refuse to set up actual rules and demand that they are followed for our elected officials? We are wusses, why do we allow the government employees better bennies than we get? 

Why do we put up with stupid? We can't be bothered.

I might answer these questions in the future, but I would love to hear another opinion.

Answers in italics, have a nice day.

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