Sunday, August 5, 2012

The new laptop

I have a new laptop. It was a deal. I am trying to set it up. There are only a few things I cannot figure out. 

How the fuck do you get the finger, think middle, pad to quit working when you type. Do not use this device as I am a mouse girl and don't want to relearn this right now. 

I cannot get the sizes of things to match my expectations. This blog print is too small. Now my Icons are too big. In Google Chrome there is no longer a thing on the bottom right to adjust the size and there is no longer a thing at top left to get a blank page. I really do not need 300 tabs opened just to get a new page. 

I am also having a problem using the keyboard. I did not realize how different the Chinese style English keyboard was. There was not a numbers keypad so on this keyboard everything is to the left of what I want to do. Just feels off to the touch.

I gotta get this finished as tomorrow I have to go to Sprint and figure out the mobile phone situation. And that is just gonna be nasty. 

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  1. The joy of owning a new PC is always accompanied by the annoyance of finding out how it works. I can't help you as I use a Mac.