Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Very Sad News Today

I received a phone call this morning from someone I had not talked to in probably 15 years or so. She called to tell me an estranged and formerly very close friend had died this morning. My friend got mad at me one day and that was that. We never spoke again. The friend who called had been through a similar shunning but the husbands were childhood friends and it was eventually made up with a lot of grovelling. My friend had not spoken to her brother in 3 years and they were always close.

I always wondered what exactly happened. What did I do to make her angry. I think she had some problems and she hit menopause it just went downhill. Some people do not cope with that well.

 She died of lung disease. She got very sick back in the 90's with bronchial problems after a trip to Germany. I mean really sick. And she did not quit smoking. It may have helped or not.

The gal that called wants me to go to the funeral home and the funeral. I do not know if I should do this. I do not know if I can do this. I do not want to upset the family, but I was told it would not. But the family also told her not to call the brother and she never said the family asked her to contact me.

And we all know I do not have funeral clothes. I may have to actually go out and shop tomorrow.


  1. It is a deep dark mystery sometimes as to why certain people suddenly shun us forever, especially family.

  2. I think going to the wake would be a good gesture for you to make, if you can. Go, stay for 15 minutes, offer condolences, leave.

    At the very least, a sympathy card to her family would be nice.