Saturday, August 25, 2012

Holey Moley

Whomever the force behind the cement fish might be, they are auctioning off all the fish next week. The ticket to the event where you may bid on a fish is 150 dollars per person. Too bad Big Daddy will be out of town and I will have to miss this gala evening.

Randazzo's got the furnace job and we will see. The gal we liked turned out to have a boss that was a stone asshole, his quote for the duct work was quadruple everyone else and would have been as unsightly as hell.

Today is spa day and Sammy and I got treated. His usual grooming and his mustache is starting to look nice. Jean ran a pedicure sale at Wink so I had a mani/pedi and so enjoyed it.

When we got home there was a goldfinch in my cone flowers. I could not get a picture but will try again. The cone flowers are going to seed and attracting the birds. There were hundred of sailboats on the lake, a regatta I believe and I missed that picture too. Went to JoAnne fabrics and got some remnants of different weights and textures to try this sewing thing out.

Big Deal this afternoon will be cleaning the front porch and the  living room window.

Adios, Muchachos


  1. Pictures? I am thinking about getting Sony's DSC-RX100. My current pocket camera has an odometer reading of 8,961.

    I am 99 percent lacking in duct eXperience. I prefer to stay outta attics.

    1. Ours will be in the basement, from Don's room to under the stairs, thru the pantry, around the laundry room and hooked up where the dead furnace started.

    2. My father's house was ducted the same way from basement where the inside unit was located. I don't see many houses ducted that way here. They are usually starting in an attic or closet.