Thursday, August 9, 2012

I got to wear my rubber shoes

Yes, I own rubber Crocs just for rainy days like today. I actually got them for the monsoon season in China but they are just as good for Michigan rain. It has rained so much today I am expecting the cement painted fish to start floating by this afternoon.

Well I went to town to buy funeral clothes. I also got some sale fat clothes. Killed me to pay full price for funeral clothes but I am saving a ton by not smoking so what the fuck. I did think this over yesterday and in the evening I found their phone number and called and the daughter said she had been looking for my number. We talked a minute and I spoke with the husband and I decided to definitely go to the visitation on Friday. I cannot do the funeral.

We were the closest of friends and the 4 of us did so many things together and laughed all the time. We went cross country skiing up at the lake and none of us had ever done that before. We went to all kinds of places and did most anything. She called me once in tears and begged me to come right over and cut her hair, she had just gotten the haircut from hell. I had never cut her hair before but I went over and did it. I also used to frost her hair until her daughter convinced her frosted hair was the equivalent of avocado appliances. She had those for way too long. Gosh I did miss her. But that was then and this is now and I have new fish to fry.

One new fish is I need to learn how to answer my new mobile phone. It is trickier than most as the little green phone symbol does not seem to do the job.

And I am pleased that my knowledge of all things airplanes is coming in handy for Punkin Head. He called me a few weeks to find out which website I used to track planes and today he inquired about different airlines and I was able to help him with a few things. Makes a mom feel good to be needed.


  1. Did you factor in that by probably living longer by less smoking that it wiLL cost more for the eXtra days? (hahaha)

  2. I have had a small number of friends who have disappeared from my life over the years. I often wonder what sort of bug they had up their ass to just vanish for no apparent reason. But life goes on.