Friday, August 3, 2012

Big Daddy is home

The painted fish are all over town. Of course the painting is different for each fish. 5 or 6 years ago I remember they did this with frogs. I have no idea why they do this shit.

Got the fabulous mani and pedi this morning, went to Trader Joe's and spent my wad on shit for Big Daddy and came home because it was too damn hot to go to another store. When BD got home and adjusted we went to Farm's Market for dinner fixings and items you can't find elsewhere. Hot pepper jelly, ginger jelly, young asparagus, and bone in steaks. Made me feel odd as my oldest and dearest friend is having some bad readings on her blood work for sugar. I gave her every lentil recipe I know as the docs recommended lentils and fruit and veggies. Sounded odd to me but she is following those rules. Fruit is full of sugar and to load up on it, I don't think that is right. Oh well.

When I got home this morning there were cars all over the place including 2 huge Mr. Rooter trucks. I remember Mr. Rooter, the assholes that fucked me over on my furnace/water heater a few years ago. I have no clue but they are at scary old corner guy's house and that is where the city was digging for many days a week or so ago. Maybe he is moving odd things he buried back in the day.

And the other half of the cars were the "House Inspectors" for the vacant property across the street. They must have made an offer. I hate that, there are teenagers and no visible dad, acting out at the showing. Please do not let them have an unleashed dog, I already have 2 unleashed dogs in the neighborhood along with the 3 cats that wander about. I have seen no evidence of a problem with cats but I do not need more extra dog shit.

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  1. Here everyone has a dog and they take them out every day to shit on the pavement. Welcome home BD.