Friday, November 2, 2012

Just how many boring pumps do you need?

Please excuse the mess, the dining room is in the living room while we are repairing plaster and fixing the leak. This is the fabulous air mattress. This is the backside.

I am awaiting to hear from Punkin Head on his blow up air mattress bed. They are in a one bedroom and The Fiancees mother is coming for a visit. When I told Big Daddy what the Punkin Head bought he exclaimed, "We have one up in the attic." I was stunned. When and why did I buy a blow up mattress? BD brought it down and tested it out, it is great nicely quilted with nap on one side, the blower upper thing is re-chargeable and it is a full size sleeping surface. Then it all rolls up into a bundle the size of a fat sleeping bag. It even has a patch repair kit. I do not know what I was thinking when I bought this one

I braved the cold and wind to venture into town and get my mani/pedi for my birthday Monday. This year it will be a quiet time so I am just getting myself a present. The gossip was unbelievable. The rich are crazy and hanging it out for us all to see. Stores are moving and changing being shoved into new spaces, whether they like it or not. We now have a new shoe store, womens, at the expense of a beloved section of another store. I certainly hope this does not go the way of the last shoe store where you could only find the most boring, conservative, same color shit that only a handful of people purchased. They rest of us shopped elsewhere. And the shoe store closed.

I was laughing at the political yard signs I saw today. My favorite is vote biblically. That is all it says that I can see. Here in the Detroit area you can take that many ways. It is amazing to see who is voting for whom, or at least is advertising them in the yard. I am a true believer that people just will not tell you the truth on what happens behind that curtain.

And I think that is the proper way to vote.

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  1. Vote Biblically? That stuff about going through the eye of a needle ? well that's what I thought of first .