Sunday, January 13, 2013

Breath That Smells like Death

Well, I looked this up on the Internet and thank goodness I am talking about my dog instead of the child most people are referring to. If my child smelled this bad we would be Blogging from the Mayo Clinic.

A few nights ago Sammy Dog decided to cut up at bedtime and he just pissed me off. So I called Big Daddy and told him to take that fancy piece of work into his bed and leave me to my peace.  I guess Sammy was not the most perfect of bed guests and that surprised me as BD has a rep as the thrasher from hell that sleeps like the dead. Apparently Sammy tried to wake him up with the old nose bumping and when that did not work he stood on his chest and nudged. It must have been at that moment in time that BD dreamed he was in a rotting fruit cellar trying to escape the odors of hell. Sammy breathed on him.

I have mentioned for months this breath and we had the vet weigh in on this. Vet says he needs his teeth cleaned and it has not been a year yet. We will see a different vet at the hospital.  The breath is bad, really bad.

Well, after getting his haircut on Saturday BD wandered over to the pet store and found a magic bottle of promise. No more bad breath from the junkyard dog. Oh no, we would now have fresh and minty smells coming from the hound.

I was busy and vaguely heard the "come to papa, get a treat" conversation in the background. The directions state you pull the dogs lips back and spray the contents onto the teeth. I guess BD missed the part about the foam because he and Sammy were both appalled when the foam exploded over his teeth and gums and ran down his dog lips. Sammy immediately began rubbing his head on any surface available while kicking his back legs high in air as fast as possible.

His breath smells no better and whenever BD looks at him Sammy puts his ears down. The bottle says it could take a few days.


  1. "you pull the dogs lips back and spray the contents onto the teeth" I can just imagine! I wonder if he people who invented it ever tried to use it on a dog.