Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Years Resolutions

Remember the bird house guy, his Christmas decor.

I have made a few for the New Year, this is actually new for me, I never did this shit before. As you can see swearing made the list, I will continue with this habit.

Our entire lives were turned upside down and back again; we survived, prevailed and actually had a few good times-and we are now on the good side for this bright and shiny new year. So I have made a list of resolutions and I am mapping out a plan. Some of this should remain secret, at least until I must drag it out to be inspected.

The 2nd or 3rd resolution is to celebrate something every month. January does not have a lot of possibilities for a full out extravaganza. Some of the January holidays I cannot pronounce. Epiphany is a church holiday and I am not familiar with those rituals. However I found one that is right up my alley. Australia Day is January 26. I looked up the ways to celebrate this holiday and the only one we can do here is to eat Australian food. The pool will be closed on January 26, I guess they all have pool parties.

We are done cooking extravagant meals, our last hurrah was the Billionaires Bacon on Tuesday. We did have the black eyed peas for luck which we could not do last year. I can't talk about my books until after we have Christmas with the children. I have read a few from the library and I was amazed how many ebooks are the only volume readily available on the library site. I have had to order the last few books and Fatal Vision turned out to be a thick paperback from the Ann Arbor library. Right now I have Anne Rice's The Wolf Gift, I missed it and Florida Girl really liked it. And I finally finished Widow Of the South and decided to not read a follow up book, it looked too damn depressing.


  1. It's not exactly a party hardy holiday, but I've been observing Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I take out books on civil rights from the library, watch documentaries and am astounded at the courage of the everyday people who surrounded him.

    What would it take for us to have this much courage now, I wonder?

  2. All you need to do for Australia day is have a Barbecue and a cold beer.

  3. Enjoyed hearing about all your cooking -- We tried a good jewish dish that was in the paper, very costly and we gave a lot of samples out.