Thursday, January 10, 2013

See No Evil

I have this great ability to not see what I don't want to see. I mean this literally. When we lived on the farm when we first were married I never saw the snakes after the first one. The first one was in a cement block hole in the ground, probably an old cellar. I walked up on my first visit to the house and there the snake was in the cement block thing. Now our little farm house was surrounded by fields of crops in the country and  I never saw another snake. Big Daddy was amazed, he said they were in the shrubs around porch and I never saw one. We had a little dog we got at the pound, about 10 pounds and short haired. I named him Scottyskins and he lived to kill snakes. I never knew. Big Daddy never told me these things until we moved.

The mind is an amazing thing. I sometimes call it self preservation.

My laundry room is in the basement. I think all basements are scary and that they probably have ghosts, criminals, and dead animals lurking about. Even though mine is referred to as a rec room, ceiling and floors and such, it is still a basement. And now the light in the laundry room is going kaput. It is one of those long things in the ceiling. There used to be 2 and now there is one, and it is gasping it's last breath. I can barely see it for the puffy shit hanging all over the laundry room that I am told is what the hot air goes through to heat our house.

I need a glass of wine. And I need to whine to Big Daddy that if I can't go downstairs when he is in Mexico it will be a horrible time for me, grieving and such for clean clothes and items in the pantry. Oh yes, the pantry is located in the laundry room.

I also cannot see the entire middle of the basement taken up by Punkin Head's, hmmm things.

Okay a day or so later and I have quit whining. BD got a new light bulb for the basement and looked into getting a new transformer so the other light can also get a new bulb. Sammy is the happiest pup on the block as we are having the January thaw early and he can stay out a bit longer and wander a bit as the snow is receding.

Punkin Head has a big interview this afternoon and I have a introduction interview tomorrow morning. The other one did not work out and I am wondering if I am asking for too much money in the initial conversation with the recruiters. There is just a limit on how much money I will do that job for. I guess I don't need the money that bad. But that job was brutal in hours and expectations plus having to drive through the bowels of the cities dodging crack ho's and meth heads. Two of the plants I went to had murders, one multiple and those are only the ones I know of.

If this is not going to work out I may have to start looking for a "pin money" job, just to get out of the house and have something to do. I am going to join a gym in the next week or so, but that is not enough to keep me occupied in the winter. Will let you know tomorrow how things are working out.

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