Monday, January 7, 2013

I feel like complaining

We had 2 lightbulbs burn out in the kitchen this week. They are the new GE 4 times higher cost than regular light bulbs guaranteed for 5 years bulbs. They lasted for 11 months. Yes, they are guaranteed. If you still have your receipt you can mail them in and if you pay for shipping to your home they will replace them at no charge. Right. Just one more shitty company making rules no one can follow. Fie on you GE, this is the company where the head honcho thinks our government should emulate China as us regular folks are too stupid to make decisions.

I finished one of my Christmas books, "Jacobson's, I miss it so", by Bruce Allen Kopytek. It is the story of the greatest department store we ever had in Michigan. I remember back in the day I would get a telephone call just when I was running out of mascara from Carol. She was my makeup lady. If I did not have time to go in she would fill an order, put in samples and Fed Ex it to my house. Wonderful woman. And when they had end of season sales, those were real sales. And you saw everyone at Jacobson's. Now the stores are just crap. I went to Nordstrom last week and it just was tacky, sparse the sales staff was lacking in customer service. I think you should hold your personal interest conversations on your time not mine.

Now I am reading an old Lisa Scottoline I missed from 2000. I can't decide which book I will read next.


  1. Man, there ain't NOTHING like a good department store...

    I miss the days of customer service!


  2. Some of our lights have been going since we got here - and others have popped a month after being replaced.

  3. And I do miss old time department stores - where people actually served you.