Tuesday, January 22, 2013

It is BRR cold

Today we are 19 over 6, tomorrow the high will be 12. Yep that is January weather as I recall.

The blood oranges are in and we are happy. I love blood oranges, they are the only oranges besides Mandarin that I eat. I am not an orange fan. I am not a fruit fan except for berries and I can't eat the good ones any more as I have the diverticulosis. Just don't want to risk it.

I went to the dermatologist this morning and he gave me some stuff for the face and the ankle. When he looked at my tube of Chinese medicine, he said,"What is this shit, you know you can't trust any of their meds, this is Chinese shit". So now I have U.S. shit and I hope it is better. This doctor is rather well known about town as an eccentric.

I have Robins in the front yard eating the berries off the Bittersweet vine. It snowed just enough to thinly coat everything.

Well Barry is on TV getting sworn in the for the people to wave and shout. The real swearing in was yesterday as legally required and now today we have the dog and pony show. I think this should be outlawed. One inauguration per president is enough. Maybe if the next president is a white guy we could adopt this. If it is a woman we gotta let her have 2, can't start a new trend with another first.


  1. The only ones interested in the dog and pony show are the ones who voted for the President - so it is only for 50% of the population.

    1. Maybe that is why is not on all the TV channels anymore. Except that means all the people that did not vote for him watch Judge Joe Brown. I watched the Food Channel as they are never enough ways to make chicken.