Saturday, January 19, 2013

Me and Michael Jackson

Going along with my New Year's resolutions I am in a flurry of job seeking and doctor's visits. I did go to the internist last summer and decided I never wanted to see him again. And we both had medication left from China so we were fine on the prescriptions. Well I found a new internist and I really like him. He is from Nigeria and has a great sense of humor. He really did not like my stories from China and decided I need a colonoscopy and a camera down my throat to look into my stomach. Well I told him that was going to require extreme Valium just to get to the testing place. He told me not worry they are using new drugs now for the test, Propofol. I said just like what killed Michael Jackson and he said yes, with some excitement in his voice. I am hoping this works out better for me than it did for Michael.

At the end right after my flu shot he came back in and asked when my last EKG was and I told him  my physical in China and it was great. He said nuhuh, my EKG was abnormal. I never did trust those tests in China.  So I have to go for a stress echo test. Now I could research this on the Internet which I know is not a good idea for me, I mean surely there are some normal people with abnormal EKG's that are just fine. Then when I am on the phone Friday afternoon I had a call come in when I was already talking to someone and when I checked the caller ID it was my doctor's office. I really hate it when they call the day after you have tests. Nothing good ever comes of that. Well, when I called back they were closed. They close early on Friday. So I have all weekend to wonder why they were calling me.

Monday I go to see the dermatologist and naturally my face is clearing up as we speak. Thursday I am seeing the dentist which reminds me I need to pick up my Valium from the drugstore. I only take Valium when I am going to the doctor/dentist. Not the Internist though as that would mess up the tests. Then the end of the month is the stress test and Gynecologist which we just do not like to talk about.

And I need to call my recruiters on Monday and see if employment is in my future. I am on the fence about going back to my old job description. I keep thinking about how nice it would be to have a job that when you leave you are done working for the day.

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