Saturday, January 5, 2013

Late Christmas

One of the mansions on Lakeshore

Well we had our Christmas last night with the kids. We got Punkin Head an Aeropress coffee maker, it is a small plastic thing that you pour your cup of hot water in and it makes the best coffee outside of using a 700 dollar espresso machine. It is so lightweight and small it is easy to pack. We also got him the small electric grinder so he is now set and does not need to go out for coffee. He is like his dad and picky about the coffee. I do appreciate a nice cup of coffee but in the morning I will drink the Krups pot dry.

Oh we also gave Punkin Head one of our iron skillets. We still have around 6, we collected them for years. But just how many do you need and Punkin Head wanted one so I got Big Daddy to take care of that wish. And it was already seasoned. It still needs more seasoning though.

The kids got us some nice books which I will talk about later. The Fiancee liked The Cats book I got from Pearl,thanks Pearl,. I said it was about the Minneapolis Biteys and she said Liza Bean and I cracked up. We had a nice dinner, ordered in from The Dish and a nice time was had by all.

When Big Daddy went out this morning the whole town smelled like booze, as in dark colored whiskey. We were not sure if the Slavs were cooking up a holiday concoction until BD went further into town and the smell got stronger. The Canadian Club distillery is just across the lake where it meets the river so I suspect something happened there. And his trip out this morning leads to tomorrow's post . . .

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  1. My home town smelled of Quaker Oats on days they were toasting. Unless the wind blew the other way; then is smelled like tires. Akron, Ohio.