Thursday, January 3, 2013

I need to get my believer fixed

It is wintertime.

Because I just cannot believe some of the shit that happens here in Motown. Every once in while some asshat decides to get nekkid and then get drunk, or visa versa, and go out and drive around town. How do I know this, they always end in the paper thanks to our fabulous law enforcement folks. And they are usually "somebody" or at least "somebody" most people know. The latest is a Priest from across town.

The other amazing thing about the nekkid, drunk driving around town people is the current temperature this morning was 19 degrees F. Now the summertime nekkid people you just have to think are stupid but what wacko decides to rip all their clothes off when it is well below freezing outside. And don't even mention heated seats, I am thinking that could get mighty uncomfortable.

A while back one of our Detroit Lions football assistant coaches went through the drive-thru at Wendy's while nekkid and drunk. What truly amazes me is that this is a common occurrence here in Motor City. I don't hear of this happening in other cities but here at home driving while nekkid is just part of living the Detroit Dream.


  1. I still see instances of "The Detroit Lean," but Detroit Naked is a new one, for me.

    1. Actually not that rare here in town.