Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I have a new hobby

I have decided that next spring, or late winter I would like to be in Fairbanks Alaska watching the Northern Lights,  that is what we call them here. For the rest of y'all the Aurora Borealis. I have wanted to see them again since the one and only time I did see them. They were spectacular and I must see them again. I have hung out at plane door windows hoping for a glimpse.

I researched all the areas that are best for viewing and of course cost to travel, hotel and food costs, costs for 47 layers of clothing, and comfort. Also a way to get out of dodge when it is over. The train to one spot in Canada lets you off and returns some days later. One place in Greenland only has traffic in and out once a week. The easiest access with the best ratings and results was Fairbanks Alaska.

Normal airlines and schedules, a bus ride of around an hour or less to the resort and things to do at the resort during the day while you are waiting for the lights. One of the delights to experience is a dog sled ride. Who can resist a dog sled ride. And it is only a 3 day commitment. I am figuring flying in staying in Fairbanks the first night, then off to the resort and maybe a night in Fairbanks before flying out if necessary.

So everyday for a month I have been charting the intensity of the lights to see if the times that they say are best are actually true. It has been low activity for awhile and supposed to be great around February-March time frames. I will let you know.


  1. That sounds like a cool trip. I have not seen them.

  2. Cool! We are planning on going to Alaska late this year (when we will be living in the USA). We saw the northern lights briefly last year in Norway but would love to see them in full flight!

  3. Today was the most activity so far, a 4 out of 10.