Sunday, January 6, 2013

You can't teach an old dog new tricks

I call bullshit on that one.

That is my old dog, Remy, 5 pounds of hell oh wheels. He is in quarantine at the groomers. This is after he escaped the groomer, terrorized all the other dogs by running up to each cage and barking at them and biting the owner 3 times. And he only has a few teeth. I remember when I used to brush him he would bite the brush so hard some times his mouth would bleed. He was the cutest damn dog but so ornery. Keep in mind he created all this havoc on three legs. One of his front legs was broken as a very young pup and it took Michigan State University and over 5 grand to save that leg-and it never was the same. His new owners love him to death and apparently do not dispense any discipline. And he scared Sammy.  Note-we had to give him up when we moved to China.

Which brings us to the next photo, one of our gifts from the kids. Does that not look like our Sammy Spanky dog? I think this is hilarious.

And this guy created no problems at the groomer. And he is not a spoiled brat.

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