Thursday, January 31, 2013

WHEW PSA for the ladies

Well I have finished my medical care for this week. My echo stress test went well and if there is anything it may be the old prolapsed Mitral Valve, so no biggy. And I did not have to wait at all, walked in early and was taken immediately. Then the lady parts doctor and again no waiting, in and out in 40 minutes. And there was a lot of conversation at the lady doctor, she has changed her hairstyle. And I learned something new. Female Information Alert . . . there are these wipes for both areas down there and my doctor shrieked Never, Never, Never use those products. I mentioned the one said it was specifically for itching and she was back to the never, never. Itching is a normal symptom of menopause and it can turn into a "condition" if not treated properly and the preservatives in the wipes can worsen the itching and bring on the "condition". In an emergency you can get 1% hydra cortisone from the drug store. I have a prescription. No more wipes. Ever.

My phone is broken. I do not have a clue how this happened and I am dreading telling Big Daddy as we will have to have phone appliance discussions. I hate those conversations. So no pictures until the phone is fixed unless I get Punkin Head's camera out again.

Yesterday it was decent for running about, in the mid 50's so no coat needed. Today it is back to cold and it is snowing. I think we are moving into the February gray days, as I recall this is the month for the fewest days of sunlight. Yuck.

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  1. February is the last month until it may be spring in March. Winter is not for the faint of heart.