Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Beautiful daffodils

Tada, 2 days later

I love these things, Punkin Head told me story about when they first got these in at a store he worked at on the east coast. The manager put them out all in water. The flower department was beautiful 2 days later.

Teacup from my mother.

When my mother broke up her house last year she gave me an assortment of teacups. She was a collector. I had a few she gave me a few years ago and this is one of them. I loved it because of the green and gold. There are no markings on it so I have no idea of the origin but I believe it is hand painted.

For Lent my "good" thing is self improvement so I am drinking green tea every day and using the teacups as it brings me some enjoyment.


  1. I have never seen a daffodil here. Surely we have them somewhere.

    1. They are so cheery in this dismal gloom we have now.

    2. Big Daddy tells me daffodils come from eastern Austraila and England, hmm.