Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The adventures of Big Daddy

Big Daddy had to return to West BFE this week as they are not capable of making car parts that meet the agreed upon specifications. That is because their machine will not run. They are not quite sure why. The guy who would be sure why does not work weekends or Mondays. In an attempt to placate BD they told him a part for the machine was ordered Monday. As they did not know why the machine would not work and the machine fixer guy was not there this seemed fishy. Upon review of the tracking number it was discovered the number would not be active until late Tuesday in Germany, well it seemed all their talk was hooey.

The next bunch of malarky was trying to keep BD and his comrades under lock and key, not allowing them to freely wander the facility looking for scrap and repair and containment. They wanted him to stay in the conference room and wait for them to report in and be late for meetings. Ha, BD did not fall off the turnip truck this week. He waited until the three headed dog went on break and asked the replacement dude to bum a smoke. Then he went to the back door where all the smokers hung out and asked for a light. Quick as a wink he told them it was too cold too smoke and traded the cig for entry in the back door of the shop.

Sauntering about the shop floor what should he spot but his main contact screwing around on Facebook. As he snapped the dude's photo with his Blackberry BD's comrade almost peed his pants laughing.

The moral of the story, idle hands are the devil's playthings.

I was the devil as I had to remind BD of the cig to get in the back door. He is much too kind to remember this kind evil. He is more apt to show up first thing or at lunch with food. That also works and when you friendly up with the worker bees they will tell you all the intel you need.

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