Friday, February 15, 2013

The bad, the nasty and the evil

Is anyone else watching House of Cards on Netflix? It is wonderful in that disturbing and fascinating way, drawing you in to watch people at their worst. And Kevin Spacey once again proves he is a damn fine actor.

I am also quite enamored of Nashville, a southern soap opera of country music that does not fail to entertain. I am not a country music fan and I just adore this show-all except for when this insipid blonde with bad hair, a bad accent, and a thin whiney voice is on. Her writing partner had a loaded gun in the highlights for the next show and I am hoping he shoots her by mistake. He got the gun from his still (not X) con brother who is on the lam from the half-way house. How can you not love this shit.

And hurray, Survivor is back and for once one team is not just a sad sack of losers. This is looking to be good as I think some of the "favorites" will fight to the death instead of being voted off.

Bravo is coming out with some great trash next month so I am just happy as a clam.

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  1. I have watched the entire House of Cards almost non-stop. I thought it was nice of them to issue the entire season at one time. Yes, agree, Spacey is one of the finest actors, even with evil. He is also an executive producer.