Thursday, February 14, 2013

Un-Valentine's Day

Well it is a good thing we had nothing planned for celebrating St. Valentine as the automotive world cannot survive without Big Daddy. Yes, they have stolen my hunk of burning love. He was directed to fly out first thing this morning on a non-stop to west BFE and save the day of all new cars built. Considering the only thing he can do is point out what other people fucked up this is sometimes not the most pleasant job. Especially when the customer is standing over your shoulder.

This is why I am sure I want to go back into that business, I feel I have lost my tact and diplomacy.
I am afraid I would say, what were you thinking when you looked at this piece of shit and decided to pack it and send it to the customer. Would you like this raggedy ass piece of crap on your car? And then it would go downhill. I remember once when the sort bill hit close to 50,000 dollars I told the Quality Manager to put a sign at the end of the line with a running charge for how much this team had cost the company per day. And that was when I was nice.

Friday dinner and a movie is out too, he will be back too late. Then he gets to go back and do it all over again next week.

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