Monday, February 4, 2013

This is ugly

Just as I was about to put my boots on and stomp around the block to tell my neighbors that the Christmas season was over and to take down their shitty decorations, well, I heard the sirens. I did not think much of it as they were not real loud and ended fairly quickly. That is because they ended at the end of my driveway.

That cloud of white smoke covering the front of the house across the street, well that house is on fire. When I wandered to the front of  my house and looked out I was amazed. There was a bit of dark smoke coming from the upper level bedroom window and then I saw flames. I went to get the camera and this is what I saw when I got back. 

It seemed the fire department could not get water to the fire and had trouble opening the hydrant. Or maybe that is just my assessment. 

The firemen have special tools and knocked the windows out from the outside with just a whack.

That is when the flames flared up. 

The saddest part, I saw the kids come home from school and see their house burning. When it was over I saw a gurney come out of the house empty and thought great, until I saw it come back down the street with a girl in it. 

The oddest parts, there were people in my neighborhood that did not belong here. I am talking about old people that maybe were fire chasers. It was weird. 

The silliest part, the paparazzi probably from the local paper being shadowed by the wanna be photog with the better camera. 

So this is a new chapter for the Mormons, this house is trashed and they only were able to stay there for what, maybe 5 months. No one has lived there very long since Chuck died, I am starting to wonder if it is haunted. And they were the worst offenders of the Christmas decorations. Those upstairs windows were covered with plastic stick-ons. Ugh.


  1. Winter and fires. Brrrrr.

    There was smoke pouring out of the house four down from me the other night. With the sirens and the firetrucks and the flashing lights, it was almost beautiful in a horrible, surreal way...


    1. It was amazingly quiet for the fuss. Three fire trucks, EMS, and 9 police cars and not much noise. Course the flashing lights are not much in the daylight.

  2. I have never had a fire on our street in 26 years, but a couple years ago the grass fires in the nearby fields got pretty close.