Saturday, February 2, 2013


So here in the midwest we have been having some windy conditions. Not as bad as east of us where the 737 aeroplane was pushed into a fuel truck, but bad enough to say it is pretty damn windy. And for the second time since I have been home my green recycling bin flew the coop. It is nowhere to be found. It is green and holds shit in its innards and is soon to be replaced by a big ass bin with wheels.

We called the city to say our bin was lost in the last wind storm and they informed us it would cost 15 U.S. dollars to replace the bin. We asked how soon we would be switching to the new bins and we were told soon. So we decided not to invest the whopping 15 U.S. dollars to replace a plastic-petroleum product-soon to be obsolete bin. Then the resourceful Big Daddy found a similar type bin in the garage. It is green, a lighter green but green. A tad smaller. He put it out filled with objects for recycling.

No one took it.


Now when I put bottles into the Trader Joe's paper sacks (they are really great for this) the garbage men take them instead of leaving them for the recycle dudes. When I put the Trader Joe's sacks in the recycle bin the recycle dudes take them. Now I have a faux recycle bin full of shit shunned by all the garbage type peeps.

So, I have to put the recycle shit in a huge black plastic bag and make sure it is not to heavy to carry. Then I have to put the faux recycle bin a black plastic bag to be whisked away by the garbage people.

And people wonder why I hate the greenies. Is it such a big sin to take the recycle shit in a slightly different bin? Would it kill ya to just be a citizen and take the fucking trash?


  1. The rubbish companies compete for the smaller entities that don't have a trash collection dept. If a resident complains about anything, a representative shows up at the next town board meeting to explain how it will be made right. Trade off for part time police, I guess.

    1. Our garbage peeps are private companies and talking with the city can make you laugh or start drinking early.

  2. If it's a container of any color, open and filled with bottles, county recycling will take it.

    I've never had anything to recycle papers in, so I don't. Neighbors do, but I'm not going to go pay for one.

    Cat food cans are really a problem. I use so many of them. For a while, I was washing them in the dishwasher and storing them in a little closed garbage can until recycling day. The washing was to prevent any kind of bug problem. Then it just go to be too much to deal with and now they just go right into the trash.

    1. Your peeps are better than mine. My house is very unfriendly to recycling and yes keeping it clean can be a challenge with all the containers, so me too into the trash with some of it. Now all of it.