Sunday, February 10, 2013

White Trash

My brand new plastic white picket fence.

Sammy dog is flummoxed by the snow and has decided he wants to pee and poop in the front landscaping bed. Besides the fact I do not want him to kill what is left of my landscaping he creates havoc. First he gets caught on the pavers, then he wraps himself around the tree and gets caught in the rose bush. It got so bad last week I had to keep boots and a coat at the front door to rescue him all day long. Big Daddy heard my bitching and came to the party with White Trash plastic fencing.

Sammy dog tried to jump it, managed to slide past it at the brick wall and as you can see is scoping out other ways to foil this barrier. By the way, his manicured plot for his and only his use is on the other side of the walkway.


  1. It seems that he does not have any jumping skills?

  2. Nope, not a good jumper. That and hearing my shrieks of no, no, no.