Friday, February 8, 2013

Now I feel like dirt

I know I have mentioned the Flower Lady. She is getting older, as we all are, and I never really thought about that. I never think about her unless I see her or take a real good look at her house. She really does not do much anymore, the last time I saw her she was trying to shovel the snow away from the fire hydrant on fire day. The hydrant is on the corner of her property. I thought to myself how like her to try and do something helpful and nice.

No one talks to the Flower Lady because she can be a nuisance. She is not quite right and will show up at your house every 10 minutes to talk. Her husband died in the Vietnam war and I think she is very lonely now. No one wants to take the time to chat with her because that could run into hours of talking.

When the snow quit today I noticed the Expat Lady outside and wondered why is she going out, it is very cold and the wind is terrible. Well, she and her daughter (about 3) walked around the curve and shoveled the Flower Lady's drive and walkway and porch. The Flower Lady tried to help and that is when I noticed how much she has aged. I wondered how the Expat Lady would get away and guess what, she and her daughter went across the street and shoveled the awful black dog's house. That is the where the lady who tried to hit Sammy with a stick lives. And the old guy who buries weird shit in other people's yards.

That Expat Lady is one great human being and she is teaching her daughter by example.