Saturday, July 30, 2011

Beautiful Weather

Tri-color European Beech tree in my front yard in Michigan


The cookie lady's front yard, the only yard she has.

The terrible storms we had sent a lightening strike down in the heart of the city and hit an electrical box, so there is no electricity in the stores. This is sidewalk sale weekend and many stores cannot play, they are dark and closed.

Went to lunch today at the Woodbridge Pub by the Wayne State football field and it was a fun thing to do. Good food, reasonable prices and time spent with Punkin Head. Went to Brooks Brothers for Big Daddy to get some clothes, still needs some shirts but I remembered the handkerchiefs, a must in China with the heat, mop your head equipment.

Thursday we went to Somerset and I got some fat clothes and we had lunch with my BBF, don't I sound just like Paris Hilton, and I saw that even tho I am fat I am not the fattest, by far. And tramps here dress just like Chinese tramps, they will just never be that thin and still have some muscles. I saw one really thin girl with no muscles in her arms and calves and I thought, shit I could snap you like a twig. I do not understand why they think that look is so attractive.

Teeth still hurt pretty bad, I am starting to worry. Rinsing with salt water, don't know if that is a good thing or just an old wives tale. Whatever.

Going to visit MIL tomorrow so I am glad I saved the best pain pills. Just joking but it is a horrible car ride. And I am taking wine. Punkin Head picked out 2 reds, a Tribunal from Sonoma County and one called Los Vascos, a Cabernet from Chile, we will see tomorrow.

Big Daddy has to do steaks Monday as that is the last day I can chew, I am excited.

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