Sunday, January 1, 2012


Just when I was almost resigned to wearing the ugly wine and chutney coat, success smiled on me.

We traipsed down to Mr. Bigger and Bigger and tried on his biggest coats. They were too small. But with a judicious eye and thorough critique I discovered it is my shoulders that are too big. Yes the bosom is big for China standards but the width of the shoulders is the problem. And Big Daddy pointed out that a lot of the Chinese women are wearing clothes too small and do not button up their coats. He is right. The Chinese are getting larger, and not taller, and I think it is KFC. And Coke. McDonald's. Pizza.

So after that less than a cheery experience we went for a respite at Fossette. It is right next to the Butchery. It is a wine bar with a limited food menu. We had Caprese salad and Shanghai pork. The pork came with a potato salad. We split it and it was just right. I had a great glass of Malbec. They have wine specials on Sunday after 2PM, phone is 86-136 3635 7011. Oh and the dude in charge was French and he could not get a taxi last night either.

So we wandered back down Xinle Road toward Shaanxi and found a great shop. They had the most beautiful red cape in the window. They also had one in black. I started talking to the friend of the owner, a nice guy who spoke English. He studied in the US, first in Ann Arbor and then Parson's in New York. We had a great conversation and the cape fit. No shoulder problems, no snug problems. And it reaches my knees. I went with the black as I pictured myself in the red looking like a huge tomato walking down the street. Not a good picture. And I got 1000 quai off the list price. Black is good, won't show the dirt and it is a good Italian wool so it should wear well.

Big Daddy is returning the other coat to Marks&Spencer in the morning and stocking up with our credit. Whoa, potted meat.  

Next shopping quest is for Chinese New Year, you are supposed to wear red underwear.


  1. I agree, black is probably a better choice than red.

  2. I somehow missed your last sentence, my previous black vs red statement was about your coat!

  3. Yes, a huge walking tomato is just inviting problems.

    There was one store with all red undergarments and BD refused to go in. I think he was afraid to watch me saying bigger-bigger in the underpants store. We have seen some huge underpants on the clothes lines and he is alway wondering where they find them.

    The is store down the street that sells nightwear and undergarments, maybe I will try there. They also sell the adult Hello Kitty garments.

  4. Brava! Congrats on achieving a way to be warm!

  5. I'm sure the Hello Kitty garments are "purr"-ty.