Thursday, June 28, 2012

Supremes, not the Diana Ross ones,

Gotta love it no matter which side you take on this one. Supremes say it is all good on Obamacare as it is a tax and Congress is allowed to tax.

When the dust settles on this one and people lose their insurance because it is cheaper to pay the fines, and the poor and downtrodden finally get insurance and find out it does not cover a sinus infection and the deductible is 10,000 a year for a gold policy, well I don't think people are going to be that pleased.

I can see my hubs company getting rid of insurance and giving raises to offset the change. The raises will reflect where you sit in the company and very few of the raises will reflect the actual amount you will have to pay out of pocket. Really, if you make a 2 or 3 hundred thousand a year you can prolly afford the insurance you can find on the market, just like Obama promised. For now anyway.

And if your kid is 26 or younger and on your insurance, well you are a drain on the company and your raise will never cover this outlay.

I am waiting to hear what is going to happen to all the people that work for the companies that were allowed to opt out of  Obamacare, you know like McDonalds and the like. I am also waiting to see if the UAW is still freed from any obligation to have to participate in Obamacare.

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