Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cleaning up my thoughts

This is Big Daddy's favorite clock in the world, it is at his mom's house. It is very old and has a lot of wooden gears and mechanisms. It has been in the family forever. It was in the original farmhouse and he thinks his great grandfather acquired it but he does not know the story. BD remembers as a boy there were about 15 clocks and that every day he would help his grandpa wind them up.

Goodness I just looked at that title and cracked up. I meant to say finishing up with any stray thoughts, but I will leave the title because it made me laugh.

These are just a few of the antique books, I think this might explain Punkin Head's interest in Library Science. I still have a few books here he borrowed and they are still in my little book case.

Watched Liz&Dick on a repeat showing Monday night. I went to bed halfway through the movie. I feel sorry for "Lilo" as they call her. Who the hell thinks they can portray Elizabeth Taylor so soon after her death. Especially if you have no bosom.

So I have run out of things to say today. Except Pearl left a comment yesterday about DVD's at pawn shops. I asked Big Daddy if he thought that was true and he said it could be, they are worth a lot more here than in China. I may have to check out our local pawn shop which I believe is on the TV as a smarmy show. I went into the local pawn shop in China, it was not far from my apartment. They had very small items  very carefully displayed, kinda like a tacky Saks if you can picture it. The prices were quite high but I thought that could reflect not seeing gold and diamonds in China very often. I never asked to see anything as I had no interest in purchasing so I don't know what they would have taken versus the asking price. Thanks Pearl, a new adventure The Pawn Shop.


  1. I had never thought of looking for movies in pawn shops - no point here of course as they would be in German.

    1. But I thought you were hard at study on the German language.