Monday, November 26, 2012

Entertainment Reviews

Some recent movies, books and television shows demand my reviews. That is sad as I am not known as a great reviewer. More of a voracious consumer of these items. The tackier the better it seems.

The Girl, HBO movie with a bunch of nobody actors. Sienna Miller is the star and I have barely heard of her. She is playing Tippi Hedren in 2 Alfred Hitchcock movies,  The Birds and Marnie. The whole movie was creepy and she was no Tippi Hedren. And then there is the ick factor that once again someone waited for the other person to die to tell their story. And she always looked like her hair was fake and the big thing in the movie was natural blonds for Hitchcocks's obsession. Bad Hair was the star.

Treme season finale, it is getting better and worse. The next season is the last so we will see how it rises to the occasion or ends up in the trash bins of hell. LaDonna who owns Gigi's deserves her own damn show. But sometimes Gigi seems to have nasty nails like she forgot her manicure appointment. I was there after the storm and manicures were important.

Survivor Philippines is the best reality show I have seen in years. Lisa Welchel from the Facts of Life is on and so far very few people recognize her. This season there are actually some players and it is fun watching. This show improved about 1000 percent. It does make me wonder though why some people have dirty fingernails and some don't. I mean you can go down to the sand and surf and scrub your hands and feet so what is the problem with the grubby people?

The Price Of Politics by Bob Woodward, God knows I tried to slog through this book. I have liked Bob in the past and this one just killed me. It was like reading the paper and reading the book and reading the paper and reading the book. Someone stop this merry-go-round. Quit halfway.

Mad River by John Sandford, a Virgil Flowers novel that was phoned in. I hate that. And I usually love John and Virgil.

Boardwalk Empire, the last show is the best ever. On the edge of my seat. Why in the world would I root for a gangster and sniper? Because they are the nicest of the whole cast. And I loved it when Nucky's hair looked greasy when he was on the run.

Netflix, Country Strong with Gywneth, this was the worst movie in recent times.

666 Park Avenue, I am sorry this has not been renewed because I love a little paranormal but this chick needs a toner on that hair now. Yellow hair is not good even if you are scared out of your skin. But I did love at the end when she got out of the hospital and went home and tried to open something she had really nasty nails. You just can't get a decent manicure in the hospital if you are nobody.

Next up reading is Low Pressure by Sandra Brown, still have not seen Liz&Dick on Lifetime and I have a list for Amazon.


  1. I have just watched season 2 of Boardwalk Empire and am in the process of watching season 3. I can't believe I am actually quite fond of the baddies in this show.

    1. You will love season 3, this show just keeps on getting better. The only problem I have is all the smoking makes me nostalgic for a puff, 7 months and counting.

  2. Everyone's talking about Boardwalk Empire, and the minute it shows up at the pawn shop, it's mine!


    1. Pearl you will adore it. Now, do me a favor and go talk to Sanford and tell him to get back on his game.