Saturday, November 24, 2012


Camper for a family of 6

This camper has sat in the back of the in-laws yard for years. It is used for storage. I have told my MIL for years to sell it, people pay good money for these and renovate them. She said every once in a while someone stops and wants to take it off her hands for free. Hah, I say, there was a show on TV about clubs for people with these campers.

Every year we have our own Thanksgiving dinner, Big Daddy has to cook his own turkey to be happy and that is happening today. He is cooking a butterflied turkey which he tells me is spatchcocked turkey. I think he is planning on grilling outdoors; I am not sure if he will do that as it is supposed to snow today. There were flurries yesterday afternoon.  I think we missed our opportunity for a fire in the chiminea with all the leaves it is too dangerous.

Today is garbage day and then the last cleaning of the eaves troughs as all the leaves are off the maple tree. Then we can finish the sanding of the plaster and prepare to paint. Hooray.

I had some great pictures for a tale of woe but instead of taking pictures I took video. If I can't fix it I will be sad.

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