Saturday, November 17, 2012

Me and Jerry Lewis

The Shores have started the Holiday decorations but it looks like this year they are only doing every other lamp post. How chintzy.

Every once in a while I check my stats. Mostly when I am bored and no one else posted on their blog yet.

I noticed a week or so ago big changes in my stats. An odd older post being read by tons of people and different countries were showing up in the audience. Not a random country as I know a couple of people who travel a lot but strange countries and a huge shift in readers. Suddenly people in the U.S. were not reading my blog so much, and Russia turned her back on my too. But somehow I had attracted a huge following in France. Now more people in France read my blog than all other countries combined.

Do you think it is because my dog is half French Poodle? Or that someone discovered my intense love of Foie Gras and French Fries? I might have to get a French manicure even if they are tired and dated. I do have the fleur de lis trivet I bought in China. Vive la France.

And they make some mighty fine wine.


  1. Am I the only Austrian reader?

  2. I don't believe the stats but it looks like you may have 1 or 2 other depraved Austrian readers out there. Current weekly readership from France is 241 with Russia way down to 39. My southeast Asia guy is in South Korea.

    All the spam is anonymous of course so other than ESL challenges I assume they are out of the country.