Monday, November 12, 2012

It pays to be nice

I have always treated my hairdresser extremely well as my hair is my greatest vanity. It is also the one item I have the largest control over as long as it does not fall out. My hairdresser called me this morning on her day off to ask how the scary hair is going. It is now field corn yellow on top and ugly as sin. I had a really nice hat to wear yesterday to our late lunch. She offered/demanded to try and fix my hair next Monday on her day off. I asked Big Daddy what he thought of trying to improve on this experiment or go back to boring blond. He loves boring blond and hates my hair in its current state. That answers that.

We did not take one picture yesterday on our travels. Now that is boring.

The Fiancee gave me a lovely candle and a book for my birthday and Punkin Head produced a lovely bottle of wine.

The new neighbors got rid of the shitty curtains and now have blinds. They also moved t he clothes off the sofa.

It rained very hard today and no leaks in the dining room, hooray.

Last night on our way home it was dark when we drove down Lakeshore Drive. There were a couple freighters out their all aglow and then I noticed the wind turbines. They blink on and off red lights about every 15 to 20 seconds. Don't know that I would like to live near that. Since they don't seem to generate enormous amounts of energy how do they pay for the cost of the blinkers and the aviation lights?


  1. That's the irony of the wind turbines - they really don't put out that much electricity. Solar is such a better choice.

    I am not a scientist, nor do I play one on TV but I do watch a lot of documentaries.

    1. But do you stay at Holiday Inn Express?