Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Surprise, surprise

On an Animal Planet note I looked out the back doorwall yesterday and a hawk was sitting on the electrical line. That is only about 12 feet away and he looked fierce. I have never seen a hawk in the yard before. I asked Punkin Head if the hawk would attack Sammy dog and he said maybe. AAAAAAAAAAAAAh. He was magnificent when he took to flight.

My old boss sent me an email upon receipt of my resume to call him today. As I know him so well I called at 7:30 and learned some startling information. The new CEO of the company is going through the ranks with a scythe and my old department was hit the worst. Seems the new investment company believes they got screwed on the sale (this is why due diligence is important and not just a cache phrase) and wants to make all the money back this week or at the latest before Thanksgiving. But he will keep me in mind for occasional contract work. 

Let me explain my old job. I was the gatekeeper of all things holy. If someone screwed up, I fixed it. Sometimes, mostly all the time, 4 or 5 different people would all screw up the same day. And I would fix it. Sometimes it took more than me to fix it and my boss would send me underlings to help. Some of them had specialties. And we would fix it. Sometimes I got sent to be an underling. Fixing it required very long days in sometimes uncomfortable surroundings while multiple people yelled at you. This is not a job you do once in a while on a whim for cheap. And if most everyone was let go this could be going from fire to fire with a patched up water hose and holes in your boots.

At least the guy (from another company) that originally asked for my resume responded that he hand walked it into HR. Whew.

I talked to my former co-workers and there is a lotta bad feelings over how this was handled. And with automotive going gangbusters right now this is just screwy to treat people this way. We will see how this one works out.


  1. Hmm. I always liked solving problems. It has been almost four years.

  2. Well, keep a level head. I went through two due diligences. I don't miss those days a bit.